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A complete range of moving solutions with AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc.

AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc has been providing moving services since 1988. It is one of the most trusted, premiere and preferred online relocation resource for customers in the hunt for legitimate moving service. It excels in commercial relocation, residential relocation, packing, junk removal, and storage. We are one of the best platforms on the web to offer accurate solutions to the ones looking for excellent moving services. Here you will find pre-verified moving professionals, certified packers, and movers, no-obligation quotes, competitive charges, a complete privacy of consumer information.

We offer a complete range of moving services all across Ontario. We cater to places like Toronto, Richmond Hills, Newmarket, Aurora, Stouffville, North York, Markham, Oak Ridge, Mississauga and several others.

Residential Relocation Services in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

moving in richmond hill

Home relocation is quite common, but it is the most complex kind of moving. Responsibility and risk move side by side. You need to ensure the safety of your goods while undertaking the risk of handling fragile household items. People often change their location when they get a new job or have to pursue higher education. If you are moving with your possession or looking to change the location, some goods have to be moved. Considering the complexity level of the entire home moving process, you may contact professional movers at AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc. There may be delicate kitchen items to be moved, bulky and big furniture items to be shifted, precious heirlooms and toys to be moved to the new location. All the items will be packed with state-of-the-art packing material and moved to the new location. To enjoy complete comfort and convenience, call us now.

Corporate and Office Move in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Moving office and commercial items from one location to another is stress-prone. For efficient corporate, moving, you need to plan out and implement everything. Office moving is time taking and a complex process. The office move is pretty different from residential move whereby the former is more difficult. Looking at the complexity of the work, you cannot do things singlehandedly. To simplify the complexity, you need professional help from AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc. Professional movers here can shift all the items with ease.

The process of office moving or commercial moving is lengthy where a large number of items need to be transported. Apart from this, one needs to handle confidential data, files, and sensitive documents. Electronic items need to be handled with utmost care. Only experts can pack each item with care for safe transportation. If you do not take our help, problems may manifest in the form of:

  •    Delay in the process of moving
  •    Disruption to the office work
  •    Man-handling or mismanagement of sensitive data and documents
  •    Damage to the electronic items and loss of goods

When you are moving your office, you need to coordinate well with your employees and clients. If you handle everything, there may be a lack of coordination and a gap in communication leading to a significant loss.

Efficient packing services in Markham, Ontario

When you are shifting your home or office, one of the most complex tasks is the packing work. The entire process of moving is hassle-prone only because of this part of work. Packing is difficult, but it is also important if you want to ensure the safety of your goods. At AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc we believe that packing is an art. Simply using good quality packing materials will not do. You need efficient hands to pack each item differently. For instance, you cannot pack fragile items in the same manner as you would pack your furniture. We are efficient in packing both bulky and fragile items. We make sure that your items reach safely to your new destination. Some of the common packing mistakes you must avoid are:

  •    Packing your stuff without proper planning
  •    Starting to pack at the last moment
  •    Using low-quality packing stuff and materials
  •    Sorting things out when you reach the new destination. Before you leave for the new destination, you must discard all unwanted items.
  •    Not properly labelling the cartons and boxes

When we are there with you, there is no need to worry about the above mistakes. Having years of experience in moving and packing, we can do things efficiently to make a move easy, relaxing and a wonderful experience.

Proficient and quick junk removal service in North York, Ontario, Canada

AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc is your one-stop destination for eliminating trash from the site. We offer trash removal for both homes and offices. Our professionals can handle the toughest of junk removal tasks. We make sure that junk is safely removed from the site and sent to the recycle center. They will all be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. Whether you want to remove e-goods, furniture, tires, debris, tree branches, appliances or anything else, we can remove all. We have an entire fleet of vehicle to accommodate trash. We may remove anything under the sun that fits our truck. With our excellent junk removal service, your space can be left dirt-free, neat and tidy. We are a preferred choice for many residents of Canada for junk removal due to upfront pricing, convenient pickup, responsible disposal and easy donating. Book an appointment now.

International and long distance moving in Vaughan, ON

If you are leaving your nation to chase dreams in a foreign land, you have to relocate. But, before doing that you need to look for international relocation service. Whether you want to move to the same city or some other state, we can help you out. AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc is here to offer both national and international relocation. You need to take your goods and belongings to a new location, and for that, you need our professional help. We will plan things very well for you such that moving is done in a smooth and relaxing manner. Our professionals are excellently trained for such moves.

We are insured, licensed, trained and certified moving service. So, call us now.

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