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Flat rate pricing charges one fee for the entire move. We factor in fuel costs, truck depreciation,
inventory list, and the value of your possessions. FlatRate avoids hourly pricing in order to provide
our customers peace of mind. Every move is different, and we believe charging hourly is an antiquated approach for today’s modern world.

There are several ways moving companies determine the cost. Our all-inclusive, no-surprise pricing model is in our name!

Yes, we are fully covered for damages during the move and in transport. We do moving with many large corporate clients who transport highly sensitive and valuable equipment. Therefore, our coverage has to be of the highest standard.

Yes. We work with you to ensure that you always know what’s happening. If something changes that affects the timings (i.e. a road closure etc) we’ll keep you up to date.

Unlike some moving companies, we work 7 days a week. We understand that sometimes moves can be limited to a specific time and date and we do our very best to accommodate all of our clients and customers.